Krzysztof CHORZELSKI, violist of the Belcea quartet

"I am very impressed with Sylvain's work. His instruments are of outstanding quality: beautiful craftsmanship and great sonority. Sylvain's copy of the 1678 Nicolo Amati viola had a beautiful, rich sound already days after completion. I recommend Sylvain Tournaire's work to all string players."

Deborah MUSSAFIA, violist at the Helsinky Opera House

"The viola that Sylvain made for me is superb, it has a sweet and warm sound, as well as a very beautiful projection! Very happy to play this instrument."

Personal model, 42.5 cm, rope length 374 mm

Model inspired by Giacomo Gennaro, made in 2018

Replica of a viola by Nicolo Amati 1678, made in 2017

Depending on the tone or construction required, the viola models are very varied. Each instrument is made from the original replica or designed for the specific needs of an artist. In this case, the dimensions and proportions, as well as the vibrating length of the strings, are determined according to the musician's expectations, and the design can be modern or baroque.

Altos, Paris