Violin, cello and viola tuning in Paris

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Sylvain Tournaire is your tuning expert for string instruments such as violin, cello and viola.

A « living » instrument

Depending on climatic variations, vibrations and small shocks during transportation can affect your instrument. As a result, the wood can shift, swell or tighten like a lung, and breathe through its pores.

The humidity in the air can relaxe or contract, modifying the balance of tensions between the bridge and the post, therefore altering the quality of sound, emission and power.

I can also custom build your stringed instrument on request.

Antique bows, Paris

A well-tuned instrument optimizes sound

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A « tailor-made » service

I pay the greatest attention to these tuning problems, because a well-tuned violin, viola and cello is a great relief for the musician.

This will obviously not solve all the technical difficulties, but the effect of a good tuning optimizes the comfort and pleasure of playing the instrument !

For acoustic tuning adapted to you, I suggest moving to your rehearsal, recording locations....

Attentive to details when tuning

Manufacturing, Paris

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I offer quick and efficient tuning in Paris and throughout France.

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