Violin, Cello and Viola Manufacturing

Sylvain Tournaire relies on the work of the great Italian violinmakers of the past, to develop his own models.

He spends enormous amounts of time to study and re-produce old instruments from originals by famous luthier like Antonio Stradivari, Nicolo Amati, Matteo Goffriler, Gasparo da Salo, Bernardo Calcagni...

Original models to make replica

The woods are chosen with the greatest care and the varnishes also are baked by the luthier. Each step is handmade in the classic Italian tradition so as to reach for that same aesthetic finesse and spontaneity.

Through his contacts with musicians, he has the opportunity to regularly access the original models to make a replica of them:

  • Violin by Antonio Stradivari "Conte de Fontana, ex-Oistakh" made in 1702, played by Pavel Berman
  • Violin by Nicolo Amati made in 1627, played by Fanny Robilliard
  • Alto of the Amati brothers, played by Krzysztof Chorzelski (Belcea Quartet)
  • Alto by Gasparo Da Salò, played by Michel Michalakakos
  • Cello by Nicolo Amati made in 1662, played by Gary Hoffman
  • ...

Copies are generally available for trial and sale at the Parisian workshop at 20 rue de l'Espérance, Paris 75013. (by appointment only)

Manufacturing, Paris
Sale of stringed instruments, Paris

For each order, the communication between luthier and musician is essential.

In the case of a new creation, Sylvain Tournaire will sit down with you to choose the model on which you want it to be based or propose a model that matches your expectations. He will assist you to select the wood that will meet your preferences in terms of tone, emittance and projection.

Sylvain Tournaire can build his instruments with a baroque approach (Bassbar, neck-fitting, assembly and accessories)